… To Miles


Photo Courtesy: Micah E. Wood

It was around a time where I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I didn’t know how I felt. Everything was a blur. But whenever we showed up to record, something happened. Words formed. Feelings made sense. I want to send love to Micah E. Wood. He produced my project MILES. To JPegMafia for producing “Decisons” and being apart of “Nice Guy”. You rule man! Love to Andrew too. He was the engineer for our sessions in that cozy basement. Even the way I recorded was different. I wasn’t in a booth. I wasn’t interested really. I just wanted to be out, singing and sounding as natural as possible. No matter how raspy or clear my voice was. However it sounded, is where I was in that moment. I am so happy that I got to write these songs to share with folks who enjoy it. I was in and out of a love that got me to say just a little something. I want to thank all the listeners. The supporters and my friends. I want to send love to Audrey Gatewood. She helped me create a video for “Island”. She directed and edited. I’m grateful. Below I’m gonna post a few links to some of the blogs who have done some write ups for the EP. Love to all of you. Buy the album. It’s her birthday! 2.22.18








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