It’s the product of righteous anger that we’ll all get to witness. The weekend of August 30th until September 1st, you’ll get to experience the Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival. Founded by multi medium artist and film maker Nia Hampton. We are self actualizing with the word supremacy , for we have internalized being small, inferior for far too long. We speak ourselves into existence with the words we claim. Black femme , Nia explains is “not necessarily female as much as feminine identifying folks of all genders and sexual orientation. Divine feminine people who find themselves in the position of care giver, creator and so on. Black meaning, culturally, racially, politically not necessarily ethnicity or nationality. I’m a bit of a pan africanist. Traveling abroad, I’ve  come across a lot of people who view the term black in different ways”.

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival will be held at The Parkway Theater in Baltimore, Maryland and will be  moving with the theme: Access. Access to genre, access to power, access to love.

Jesebel will be the festival’s opening film. Telling a story of sisterhood, sex work and technology. More films you can expect to see is Queen Of Hearts by Kyisha Williams , Ballet After Dark by B. Monet, A Black Girl’s Country by Nia June and a list of other black femme creators and directors. “Film making is a team sport”, Nia expresses to me as she speaks on being tired of seeing young black girlhood erased, or there being few black female directors and trans story tellers in the industry. She says, “it’s about finding those people and giving them a support system”. I believe we are all in support of the black voice. Nia loves her black femmes. “Keep doing your thing”, she says. “Black women are being presented with opportunities. Really get to know yourself so you can make the right decisions. Stay conscious of who you are and what you want to do”.

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival opens on August 30th 2019 and closes September 1st, 2019

To stay in the loop with show times, tickets and all other events follow :

IG: @Bfsfilmfest

I wanna send love to Nia Hampton

And Sandra Gibson

You’re making the vision more and more real for all of us.




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