Total Recall.

What song would I call this feeling?

A dance with house and rage.

I see you – brown.

That pretty brown face that I love to keep on my lips.

What do I remember hearing?

My ear ringing with a slam against your passenger seat window.

What do I smell?

You. A deep spice and maybe disbelief if that smells like anything.

I taste nothing. I throw up curses.

I feel the steel of your car under my foot, making my anger known.


• Leaving. Turning away – to go, it felt like walking on fire. Burning the soles of my feet. Whatever was of my steps , is now scorched. Turned. Reformed.

At 202 it was decided , declared that who I was is simply no longer.  I carry with me, survivors : child, preteen adolescent and adult (who or whatever that is). I leave behind the pain of experiences sought and unseen. Though, unknown and unprepared, I took it. Loss. Love. Lies. Truth. I took it. I have it and I release it  for a new unknown. A greater, most sweet state. I activate myself , my truth and my wisdom. As I lay here covered, burned  in blood, hair of a crown, ink of affirmations and closings, I purify in the water. I pour on to my self. Into my self . I have missed nothing.





Untitled In Red.

Today. May 7. 2020

full moon in Scorpio. We felt the color red. Moving in a space where one is grounded. Confident. Patient. Trusting. Of themselves. How does that truly feel? What does that look like in its fullness ?


Today was an entrance day. Where we bring it into ourselves. For understanding and actualization.


Photos below.

Taken by yours truly.





A full movement video link as well



Tangibly So.

She always comes up when I need her most. I don’t know if that statement is fully true, because she’s always there.  Tangibly so, my mother is being brought to me full circle. Her garments. Pieces I thought I’d never see myself in, i now can’t stop myself from wearing. Treasures I tell you… treasures. Found on the ground  outside of my father’s car as he gave it a jump for a dead battery. They’d been in his trunk.  After a day of not being able to get what I’d seen out of my head, I brought the tattered bag of clothes inside. Up to my room. They laid in my studio floor for the entire day. Blessing the place. Becoming more acquainted. They haven’t been inside this house for 13 years. Now for a new body. It’s as if she picked out the fit. I dressed, laughing. Saying aloud to myself, “wow, my mother is dressing me”. I take her on and we simply become what we’ve been. One. This post is to my mother. A woman unafraid to push the limits of pattern, texture and grace. And this is to me, baby stepping or perhaps great strides.

I love you.





Do It.

Took a lot of burning to get me here.

What’s true fire ?

its a resemblance to a Holy Ghost. Spirit. An inward power, released.

Below will be a link. To connect you to myself. In hopes to connect you to yourself.

It goes deeper than just this. But this is a mighty start. Enjoy.


Masturbate by BobbiRush

Shot & Directed by : Michelle Rodwell

Photo production: Megan Lloyd





No Cut No Edit is a film project that I’m excited to work on. I’ve wanted to do this for some time but let a lot of fears get in the way. I’m no professional but I have great love for art. Vision. Moments. And people. My first upload is dedicated to my time at 311 W. Madison Ave. Dj Mr. 14th was hosting his event Moonlit Radio. Episode two with guest Dj ShineThePharoah. Along with the coziness and dim lit space , they both added to the fluid romantic mood. I was into it. No cut no edit is dedicated to the raw. The growing of a thing. I’m appreciating what I do, where I am. Please enjoy. This link shall connect you to some of my catches of the night. Much love.


What Gives


It’s made a home in me.

Empty rooms of a dead mother

now closet spaces for lovers with shakey hands.

I hold them close to myself.

Teachings of a father –

Sweat unseen.

Pain silenced. Allowance disguised as understanding.

Patterns of settling for less.

When do you break your own silence with the scream of depthy time passed?


We rage against the enemy of all enemies.

Our minds, ourselves.

Our taught and continued patterns of being satisfied with bare minimum.

Love without correction is a misguided child and an unhonored mother.

I give mine voice, anger, creativity and movement.

With a gentle hand, the smile of pure satisfaction and a solemn face.





Photos by : Jonathan Logan (@broke_homie_jon)

Art by : BobbiRush (@didbobbirush)






Monumentally Black

It’s the product of righteous anger that we’ll all get to witness. The weekend of August 30th until September 1st, you’ll get to experience the Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival. Founded by multi medium artist and film maker Nia Hampton. We are self actualizing with the word supremacy , for we have internalized being small, inferior for far too long. We speak ourselves into existence with the words we claim. Black femme , Nia explains is “not necessarily female as much as feminine identifying folks of all genders and sexual orientation. Divine feminine people who find themselves in the position of care giver, creator and so on. Black meaning, culturally, racially, politically not necessarily ethnicity or nationality. I’m a bit of a pan africanist. Traveling abroad, I’ve  come across a lot of people who view the term black in different ways”.

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival will be held at The Parkway Theater in Baltimore, Maryland and will be  moving with the theme: Access. Access to genre, access to power, access to love.

Jesebel will be the festival’s opening film. Telling a story of sisterhood, sex work and technology. More films you can expect to see is Queen Of Hearts by Kyisha Williams , Ballet After Dark by B. Monet, A Black Girl’s Country by Nia June and a list of other black femme creators and directors. “Film making is a team sport”, Nia expresses to me as she speaks on being tired of seeing young black girlhood erased, or there being few black female directors and trans story tellers in the industry. She says, “it’s about finding those people and giving them a support system”. I believe we are all in support of the black voice. Nia loves her black femmes. “Keep doing your thing”, she says. “Black women are being presented with opportunities. Really get to know yourself so you can make the right decisions. Stay conscious of who you are and what you want to do”.

The Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival opens on August 30th 2019 and closes September 1st, 2019

To stay in the loop with show times, tickets and all other events follow :

IG: @Bfsfilmfest

I wanna send love to Nia Hampton

And Sandra Gibson

You’re making the vision more and more real for all of us.